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Welcome to the Nevada LIFE abortion information page.  If you are pregnant and considering an abortion or know someone who is and would like to talk with someone, please click here.  Nevada LIFE is not a counseling organization, is not affiliated with any other groups and does not take responsibility for the advice or any services any other groups may offer. 


This page is partially finished and is still under construction.  We'll have more pages for areas III, VI & VIII. 


I. How Many Abortions?  How many abortions have there been since 1973?  How many abortions are there every year in the United States and Nevada?  Who are having abortions?


II. What Are The Reasons Given For Abortion? How many are for rape, incest, the life of the mother?  How many are for personal reasons?


III.  Abortion Law.  What does abortion law say about who can have an abortion and at what time during pregnancy?  What does abortion law say about the ability to regulate abortion?  What does Nevada Law say about abortion?  How can it be changed?


IV.  Fetal Development-Diary of An Unborn Child.  This section deals with fetal development.  This provides a narrative with excellent pictures.


V.  How Abortions Are Done.  What are the kinds of abortions and how are they done? 


VI. The Pro-life Case Against Abortion.


VII. Answering Common Objections.


VIII. What Abortion Does To The Unborn Child Warning Graphic Images of aborted unborn children on pages linked to the next page.


IX.  Complications To Abortion. 



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