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The Nevada LIFE Embryonic Stem Cell Research And Cloning Press Releases


Congress Passes Embryo Killing-Experimentation Bill.  There Is Not Enough Support To Override Promised Bush Veto.  January 11, 2006

Another Stem Cell Discovery Makes Embryo Stem Cell Research And Congressional Funding Bill Unnecessary. Bush Funding Policy Is Working And Leading Scientists To New Discoveries.  January 9, 2007

Embryonic Stem Cell Procedure Did Not Work As Claimed. Another Phony News Release Boosts American Cell Technology’s Stock- Again. Hopes Of Sufferers Raised and Dashed-Again.  August 25, 2006

Media Reporting Advisory, Debate Is On "Embryonic Stem Cell Research"  Not "Stem Cell Research." July 17, 2006

Senate To Approve More Killing of Human Embryos. Bush Promises First Veto. July 17, 2006

Bush To Veto Embryonic Stem Cell Bill.  Supporters Vow To Expose Opponents Of The Bill As Anti-Patient/Anti Research. Senate To Vote On Fetus Farming Protection Act. July 12, 2006

Human Cloning Begins At Harvard & UCSF.  Senator Reid Block Legislation To Prevent It.  June 8, 2006

New Poll Shows Americans Still Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding. June 1, 2006

Embryonic Stem Cell Research And Cloning Myths, August 1, 2005

Senator Frist Advances Human Embryo Destruction, July 29, 2005

Congress Votes To Overturn Bush’s Stem Cell Policy. Cloning, Fetal Farming and Fetal Experimentation/Transplantation To Follow May 25, 2005

Bill Would Overturn Bush’s Stem Cell Policy, Nevada Representatives Gibbons, Porter and Berkley Concur, May 19,2005

Paralyzed Woman Walks After Stem Cell Treatments: Another Adult Stem Cell Result Goes Largely Unnoticed.  Nevada Policy Makers Should Take Note, December 6, 2004

Kerry Sacrifices Science For Ideology And Votes, October 5, 2004

Ron Reagan Jr.-Not Pro-lifers-Should Be Ashamed, July 27, 2004

President Reagan And The Stem Cell Wars, June 14, 2004

Research Cloning Becomes Legal In New Jersey. Opens Way For Human Fetal Farming.  January 6, 2004

New Jersey Law Makes Cloning Ban Urgent December 18, 2003

President’s Comments Demonstrate Need For Cloning Ban April 10, 2002

Cloning Pregnancy Requires Senate Action  April 9, 2002

Senate To Consider Temporary Cloning Ban November 30, 2001

Senate Must Act To Ban Cloning November 25, 2001

Maintain Embryonic Stem Cell Funding Ban August 9, 2001

No Partial Cloning Bans April 1, 2001


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