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Other Sites About Cloning And Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Do No Harm; The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics

"is a national coalition of researchers, health care professionals, bioethicists, legal professionals, and others dedicated to the promotion of scientific research and health care which does no harm to human life. Do No Harm bases its activities on the principles set forth in "On Human Embryos and Stem Cell Research: An Appeal for Legally and Ethically Responsible Science and Public Policy," prepared by The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.

This site discusses the ethics of embryonic stem cell research and adult stem cell research. It examines the claims of stem cell research and reports the applications of adult stem cell research.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Secretariat For Pro-Life Activities

"The Secretariat conducts ongoing information and education efforts, within the Church and in the public square, to deepen respect for the sanctity of human life. It encourages and enables pastoral efforts to address the particular needs of women with problems related to pregnancy, persons who are disabled, those who are elderly and dying, men and women struggling to accept responsibility for their power to generate human life, and all persons who have been involved in any way in abortion. The Secretariat also coordinates and advises public policy efforts concerning children not yet born, and people who are disabled, elderly and dying."

The Center For Bioethics and Human Dignity

"The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity exists to help individuals and organizations address the pressing bioethical challenges of our day, including managed care, end-of-life treatment, genetic intervention, euthanasia and suicide, and reproductive technologies.

This site has articles on the ethics of human cloning.

National Right To Life Committee

National Right to Life Committee is the leading right to life organization in America. This site has current information on the politics of cloning as well as authoritative articles on cloning and stem cell research.

Americans To Ban Cloning

"The Americans to Ban Cloning (ABC) coalition is a group of concerned Americans and U.S. based organizations that promote a global ban on human cloning.

"Currently, ABC is working to pass U.S. Senate Bill 1899, the Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001. S. 1899 is a comprehensive cloning ban matching the one passed in July by the U.S. House (H.R. 2505) which would outlaw both research and reproductive human cloning."

This site has excellent articles on cloning issues, especially common arguments made for so called therapeutic cloning.



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