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Bill Will Reduce Breast Cancer

Breast cancer kills 180,000 women a year in the United States. Assembly Bill 169 (AB 169) will reduce the incidence of breast cancer in Nevada. AB 169 would require dissemination of information concerning the scientific link between induced abortion and the increased risk of breast cancer. Since abortion is almost never used for health reasons, abortion is the most avoidable of all breast cancer risks!


  • 10 out of 11 research studies of American women and nearly 30 studies world wide indicate that abortion is a contributing factor to breast cancer. (Correction 13 out of 14 American Studies)·
  • Researcher Janet Daling reported a 50 percent increased risk of breast cancer for women who have had induced abortions in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Daling also found that:
  • Women aborting for the first time after age 30 experienced a 110% increased risk.
    Women with a family history of breast cancer aborting for the first time after 30 faced a 270% risk increase.
  • Every woman in her study with a family history of breast cancer who aborted before she was 18, developed breast cancer before they were 45.
  • Other teens aborting before the age of 18 faced a 150 percent increased risk.

Nothing in this legislation denies or impedes access to an abortion.

Nevada women, especially our teens and preteens and women of all ages who have had abortions, have a right to know about these risks. The political and financial interests of the abortion industry must not interfere with the future health of adolescent girls. With the push to find “the cure,” this legislation makes sense for Nevada.







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