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Opinion- Abortion Debate: Morally Defining Moment For Nation

Don Nelson

Reno Gazette Journal

June 25, 1996

America is at a morally defining moment. Last month Bob Dole chastened Bill Clinton for vetoing a bill banning the killing of a late term baby by the horrifying partial birth abortion technique.

Abortions are so shocking that only minimal details can be printed. Used in late term abortions at 32 weeks or more, this procedure pulls the unsuspecting child from the womb intact, not to the birth she has patiently waited for, but to the death she never imagined. As forceps pull the legs from the womb, the skull is punctured and a suction tube is inserted to remove the contents of the head so the baby can pass through the cervix in one piece. Roe v. Wade makes abortion legal until the moment of birth.

The brutal, calculated killing of an innocent person makes abortion the most flagrant human rights violation in the world today. It is killing for convenience. Abortion is the choice to destroy the body and soul of a baby boy or girl.

Abortion law allows humans no rights until they can breathe. Even a “fetus” with its legs kicking outside the womb before the abortionist kills it is not a child with rights. Is there any abortion that is immoral and must be punished by law? Have preborn children no protection even at 8 or 9 months?

The answer is no because to say any abortion is wrong makes all abortions wrong. Allowing the preborn child rights and personhood at any point prior to birth jeopardizes all abortions.

Our nation was dedicated to the proposition that all people are created equal and possess unalienable rights. These rights depend on no one because they are natural rights which are ours from the moment of our creation. Governments are instituted to secure those rights.

This proposition caused us to progressively and inclusively realize and enforce the rights and equality of all people. Roe v. Wade reversed the progress of inclusion and excluded the preborn child from the human family. Stripped of her humanity, it was easy for the court to take away her right to exist and subject it to the will of her mother. Partial birth abortions were inevitable.

Placing personhood and rights into the hands of other humans is dangerous. It allows one group to justify its inhumanity to others. One group stripped of rights means others can be too.

Abortion is a moral riptide sweeping us out to the sea of inhumanity. A generation raised on choice is coming of age. Little children are beating, shooting and throwing other children from high rises to death. There is no difference between a partial birth abortion and a newborn run over and buried by her teen age father. If late abortions are not wrong, we cannot convince the young that any killing is wrong.

Saddled with an enormous national debt and raised on the quality of life/choice ethic, how will the young view us in our old age?

This is a defining moment. The preborn child is pleading her case. “Will you find the courage to acknowledge my humanity and my unalienable right in your society, or will you give my life away to the convenience of abortion?” Our answer must be yes before our increasing inhumanities destroy our nation. Humanity denied anywhere, threatens humanity everywhere.






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