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Opinion- Partial Birth Abortion Barbaric....And Real

Don Nelson, President
Nevada LIFE

Reno Gazette Journal

October 31, 2003

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban has finally passed.  It’s about time.  Partial birth abortion is barbaric and it is real.

In a partial birth abortion, the abortionist uses ultra-sound to maneuver the unborn for a feet first, breach delivery.  He locates a foot or leg and uses forceps to begin pulling the unborn out of the womb.  As the legs and torso are pulled out, the child is grasped and his spine is turned upwards.  While holding the partially delivered child by his shoulders, the abortionist punctures the head, inserts a tube and suctions the unborn’s brains out. 


Partial birth abortion shocks our sensibilities and numbs our senses.  That is why abortion advocates deny there’s any such thing as a partial birth abortion.  Abortionists who perform them deserve fines, jail time and civil penalties.


Abortion advocates respond that these abortions are used in rare instances in “wanted” pregnancies where something has gone horribly wrong.  But a New Jersey clinic admitted that 1,500 of one year’s 3000 late term abortions were partial birth abortions.  Partial birth abortionists testify that most babies are perfectly normal or have slight “defects.”  They say that the mother is often in denial that she is pregnant or waited too long.  Though the present ban includes a physical health exception, medical authorities say partial birth abortion is not necessary.


Abortion advocates also protest that this violates a woman’s right to make medical decisions with her doctor and family.  These are the same people who said Laci Peterson’s unborn son Conner was not a baby.  Americans know a baby when they see one.  They’ve seen smiling babies on 4 D ultrasound and know it is wrong to intentionally take their lives and happiness by these violent means.  They intuitively know that no one has the right to harm another human in privacy.  They also know that barbarity is not diminished when committed by licensed professionals. 


Abortion leaders fear that pro-life leaders will use the ban to undermine Roe.  These leaders need to explain why these brutal partial birth abortions are so fundamental to women’s equality.  How is equality with men achieved through destroying partially delivered children?  And why is Roe is so fragile that no abortion can ever be illegal no matter how late in pregnancy and no matter how light the reasons? 


The partial birth abortion ban has such strong public support because even most “pro-choice” Americans do not believe that abortion rights and “choice” should include the shocking and merciless killing of late term unborn children by suctioning their brains out.  Partial birth abortion should not be the price innocent unborns must pay to sustain Roe. 


Partial birth abortion has been devastating to abortion advocates.  Since becoming public, support for abortion has dropped nearly ten percent, leading to a pro-life majority.  A recent study by the abortion supporting Center For Gender Equality found that twenty-eight percent of women believe abortion should be generally available to those who want it. Altogether, seventy percent of women favor more restrictions.  Seventeen percent say there should be stricter limits than there currently are.  Forty percent would allow abortion for rape, incest, and the life of the mother.  Thirteen percent would not permit abortion under any circumstances.


            The public exposure to partial birth abortion has changed the way Americans think about abortion.  When the Supreme Court receives a challenge to this ban, it must respond in decency and uphold the ban on this barbaric procedure.






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