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President To Sign Partial Birth Abortion Ban Wednesday, November 5, 2003





The Following Statement Can Be Attributed To Nevada LIFE President Don Nelson.

President Bush will sign the Partial Birth Abortion Ban tomorrow, eight years and two vetoes after it was introduced.  Nevada Senator John Ensign says that the mere description of a partial birth abortion makes a person shudder.  Partial birth abortion, used from late in the fourth month until near the end of pregnancy, involves the partial delivery of an unborn child until all but his or her head is out of the womb.  In this position, the abortionist punctures the head and suctions out the unbornís brain.  This shuddering effect is why abortion advocates deny there is any such thing as a partial birth abortion.  Abortionists who perform these abortions deserve fines, jail time and civil penalties.

The ban will immediately be challenged on the grounds that it is, among other things, vaguely written and does not contain a health exception. These are the reasons the Supreme Court gave for overturning Nebraskaís partial birth abortion ban in 2000.  This bill has been precisely written.  Abortionists who cannot understand it should not be practicing abortion.  The bill contains a health exception, but expert Congressional testimony demonstrates that a partial birth abortion is never necessary and may be harmful to the woman procuring one.  Partial birth abortionists testify that most women procuring these abortions were either in denial about their pregnancies or waited too long.

Partial birth abortion is wrong because of its self-evident brutality to another living human being.  No one should have the right to kill a child within a few inches of birth. 

Partial birth abortion has changed everything.  Americans now know what abortion does to the unborn.  Since the ban was introduced, support for abortion has dropped ten percent, and the number of abortions has dropped by over twenty.  Striking the ban will not validate Partial Birth Abortion.  Instead, it will further erode the courtís moral authority and reputation as it did with its Dred Scott and Korematsu decisions.  The Court must respond in decency and uphold the ban on this gruesome procedure.







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