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Partial Birth Abortion Ban Passes



Today the United States Senate passed the Partial Birth abortion ban.  It is about time.  Partial birth abortion, the partial delivery of an unborn child culminating in death by the suctioning out the unborn’s brains, shocks our sensibilities and numbs our senses.  Partial birth abortion is brutal and congressional witnesses have demonstrated that partial birth abortion is not necessary for the health of the mother. 


The partial birth abortion ban is and has been a necessary step in curbing abortion in the United States.  Since the Congress introduced this bill eight years ago, support for abortion has dropped by more than ten percent, leading to an emerging right to life majority.  The nearly twenty percent decrease in the yearly number of abortions has been another result of the discussion on partial birth abortion.  That this shift occurred during the Clinton administration demonstrates the strength of the pro-life position and message.


The partial birth abortion ban has strong public support because most “pro-choice” Americans do not believe that abortion rights and “choice” should include the shocking and merciless killing of late term unborn children by suctioning their brains out.


A court challenge to this law will be filed after the president signs the ban into law.  Nevada LIFE and right to life organizations everywhere welcome the discussion that is to follow.  When Americans talk about partial birth abortion, unborn children win.  It’s about time that this ban has come.









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